lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016


Hii guys! I decided to be productive on this long road trip and write some posts. A Back to School supplies haul is almost done but I need to add somo photos. So I thought about doing some long road trips tips and related stuff. I know summer is ending and you aren't probably going to need this until next summer. But I feel inspired馃槀.


First I'm going to write you a list of my favourite things to do during a long road trip馃槈

-Music馃幎馃帳: You can either create a long playlist full of your favourites song that keep you singing and entertained, or you can bring some of your favourite Cd's (if the person who drives doesn't matter of course). What I like to do with my family is that each one chooses music for a hole hour. It can be a Cd, playlist or the radio station you prefer☺

-Art馃帹馃摲馃摑: If you like painting, taking photos, writing, or whatever you can do most things in a car.

-Talk馃檴: If you aren't traveling alone this is a really time consuming thing to do.

-Read馃摉: You have a lot of time to read that book you never seem to have time to read.

-Tv馃摵: Download some Tv shows, Youtube videos or films on your tablet or phone, put on some headphones and you won't want your trip to end!

-Watch the landscape馃寗:  You are probably going somewhere you don't usually go, so you will see different landscapes everywhere.

-Eat馃崻馃崺: It's a great way to pass time馃槈. Remember to not eat all junk food.

-Plan your holidays馃搾馃實: Make a really detailed plan of what you are planning to do. That takes a lot of time, and it's so much fun!


-Water bottle


-Drink water so you stay hidrated馃挧

-Be productive馃槈

-Wake up early so it will seem as if you had been less on the road馃尀


And here is my playlist for a long road trip馃槈:

-Stitches/ Shawn Mendes
-English Rose/ Ed Sheeran
-Como te atreves a volver/ Morat (I know it's in Spanish but it's my fav one馃槏)
-Gone gone gone/ Philip Phillips
-Here comes the sun/ The Beatles
-Cold Water/ Justin Bieber
-Never Be Alone/ Shawn Mendes
-Send it/ Austin Mahone
-Locked away/ ft Adam Levine
-Treat you better/ Shawn Mendes
-Hurricane/ Halsey
-Ride/ Twenty One Pilots
-The Ocean/ Mike Perry

I hope you liked it馃槝. See you next time, and make sure to leave some comments if you found this useful馃槈.


jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Hii. So this is my first post. I'm going to warn you, as english is not my first language I may make some grammar mistakes. If you want to make sure I notice them, please don't be mean;)

I have decided I'm going to write here because I have some spare hours that I need to fill in with something (but summer is going to end very soon馃槩). I'm going to focus on Lifestyle and fashion posts, but I may include some fitness ones too.

I would really apreciate it if you could read my posts and I hope you like them:)



(Please tell me if you read this in the Gossip Girl voice馃槀)